Swarovski Fluorescent Bangle Cuff Multicoloured Crystals 5231082

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The eye catching design features a vibrant pearlescent colour scheme, adorned with an array of sparkly Swarovski crystals you will love to flaunt.

Pair with matching jewellery from the Flourencent collection for an extra fabulous finish.

The Swarovski Fluorescent Cuff is a striking piece of jewellery designed to add both colour and sparkle to your look this season.

This eye-catching cuff has been released to celebrate 60 years of Swarovski styling and is sure to make a welcome addition to any outfit.

The cuff features coloured metal and fabulous coloured crystals which are faceted to ensure a dazzling sparkle effect in both natural and artificial light.

The Swarovski Fluorescent Cuff is perfect for evening wear and can be combined with other Fluorescent pieces in the collection for a more dramatic look.

A great collectors piece or gift idea


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