Swarovski Dixie Necklace Black and Clear Crystals 5142826

£210 £399

Length-38 cm, Adjustable 

Combination of Black Jet Hematite and Clear Crystals 


Swarovski exclusive collection- Dixie Black Crystals Necklace 

This interestingly styled ladies necklace offers a unique blend of black and gold colouring which creates the real WOW effect.
Swarovski Dixie necklace is a very unique, bold statement necklace.
This necklace glitters with Swarovski's exclusive Jet Black and Clear crystals.
Dixie Swarovski necklace is a stunning piece of jewellery designed to delight and amaze.
This exquisite necklace has a glamorous sense of style and is sure to make a welcome addition to any jewellery collection.
Extra: Swarovski Box


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