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  • 01 The One

    01 THE ONE has not only been an innovator in modern watch styles and fashion. It have changed the signs of the time as well. In creating THE ONE watches, an evolution started– a logical development towards reading and perceiving time.

  • Armand Nicolet

    We are an OFFICIAL AUTHORISED ARMAND NICOLET TRAMELAN Retailer and all the Watches are sold with the correct retail packagings, stamped Warranty Papers and 2 Years Warranty

    since. Founded in 1875, Armand Nicolet is perhaps not the first name you think of when you picture a Swiss-made luxury watch. As a company of watchmakers, their philosophy toward horology is different than larger enterprises and thus their watches retain a certain level of authenticity and sentiment that other luxury timepieces may not. It’s hard to place a value on that quality, but there’s no denying that such is a quality that every Armand Nicolet posses.

  • Balticus

    We are an Official Retailer for Balticus Watches and We offer a 24 months International Manufacturer Warranty on all their products

  • Barrel

    We are an OFFICIAL AUTHORISED RETAILER for BARREL and all the watches are sold with the correct retail packaging, Stamped papers and 2 Years Official Manufacturer Warranty

    The Barrel brand makes wrist watches that evoke the sea and the summer; for those who love the sea, Barrel proposes watches that are inspired by the world of surfing, that remind us of the depths of the ocean and the beautiful exotic beaches full of palm trees, surf boards and fruit cocktails. It will be easy to feel completely relaxed and carefree with a Barrel watch on, it will be a bit like being at the seaside and in a full Californian scenery all year round! The colourful straps contribute to give the brand a lively and young imprint; they are extremely trendy watches thought for the most extreme sports, in other words those that manage to give us a great sense of freedom and lightness. Considering the use for which they are made (mainly the sea) they have a high resistance to water and impacts.

  • Calvin Klein

    Calvin Klein, a renowned fashion brand, for his attention to detail and the wide variety of wristwatches models proposed, has been able to gain many fans even in the watch industry. The Calvin Klein watches are designed for men and women who have a strong personality and who want to wear an accessory that can express their being at any time and occasion of their life.The wristwatches offered by the famous brand are, in fact, an essential element for a great impact look that can express and convey confidence and self-awareness. Each Calvin Klein watch is distinguished by the sobriety of its urban line, dominated by street style, but at the same time for the refinement of the cut so that every model can be worn for any event or situation.

  • Cerruti

    The legendary Italian fashion house CERRUTI has stood for a continuity since 1881 with a simple but inspiring philosophy: Always keep up with changing trends and never lose sight of the enhancements. According to the Italian origins CERRUTI represents elegance and classic quality fashion for women and men. With a clear appearance and a cosmopolitan flair, fashion underscores personal luxury with contemporary design. The CERRUTI 1881 watch collection harmoniously harmonises the classic and the extreme, knows no compromises and captivates quite naturally as a viewer and symbol. The CERRUTI 1881 watch collection is a characteristic collection of authentic Italian design in Swiss quality at an interesting price. Watches for men and women, which define a special style.

  • Concord

    Concord was founded in Biel, Switzerland in 1908. The MGI Luxury Group acquired the traditional Swiss luxury brand, once known as Watchmaker to the Gentry, in the early 1970s, and later re-launched it as a dynamic, highly original, masculine niche brand for a new millennium. Concord experienced a dramatic surge in innovation and creativity that capitalized on its proud roots as well as its passion for innovation and creativity. The brand embraced the challenge of a bold repositioning strategy that transcended its already extraordinary horological achievements of the past. 

  • Ebel

    A passion for innovation and excellence in watch design has always been at the heart of the EBEL brand. EBEL was founded by husband and wife Eugene Blum and Alice Levy, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1911. And since its inception, EBEL has remained true to their core values, manufacturing fine Swiss watches that marry technical expertise and distinctive style. Renowned today for its iconic bracelet design with signature wave-shaped links, EBEL continues to create timepieces that embody luxury and contemporary elegance with subtle, yet exquisite detail. In 2004, EBEL was acquired by Movado Group Inc. (MGI), one of the world's leading watchmakers. MGI designs, manufactures and distributes watches for nine respected brand names.

  • Executive

    We are an OFFICIAL AUTHORISED RETAILER for EXECUTIVE and all the watches are sold with the correct retail packaging, Stamped papers and 2 Years Official Manufacturer Warranty

    Executive is the watches brand for the businnes man with a classical tailor-made touch, always moving across seas and continents, whose time is kept in countless languages and zones. For those who need something to feel home once looking at their wrist.

  • Head

    HEAD, company leader in the manufacturing and sale of sports equipment, has recently launched an entire line of watches designed for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts, in general.

  • Jean Paul Gaultier

    Jean Paul Gaultier watches are a fantastic collection of watches produced by the world famous fashion brand. The Jean Paul Gaultier brand has been one of the most popular fashion brands ever since the designer himself unveiled his first collection in 1976. His distinctively characteristic designs have often been considered incredibly daring and unbelievably creative. 

  • Juicy Couture

    Juicy Couture is identified across the world as a casual luxury brand, creating clothing and accessories for women that are both glamorous and fun. The Juicy Couture brand has become famous for celebrity endorsement and for embracing an irreverent LA 'IT' girl style that combines couture with comfort and brings luxury to everyday clothing. Juicy Couture watches have this same winning combination of funky and elegant, effortlessly fusing street style and leisure-wear with catwalk chic. A Juicy Couture watch suggests 'new money', girls about town on top of their game and having a fabulous time in all the best places. Think off-duty models, celebrities letting their hair down and enjoying life to the max: that's what the Juicy Couture brand is all about.

  • Kenneth Cole

    We are an OFFICIAL AUTHORISED KENNETH COLE Retailer and all the Watches are sold with the correct retail packagings, stamped Warranty Papers and 2 Years Warranty

  • Kraftworxs

    Kraftworxs are a German Brand  from watchmaking pioneer, Anton Kraft, a man who dreamt of a material that would have natural luminosity and that could be coloured and formed according to his specific designs. In 2011, he found the solution in a new material called neoluxs® and in turn started a small revolution with Kraftworxs. In contrast to other watches, which are either not illuminated for long enough or use poisonous or radioactive elements. neoluxs® in its crystalline structure, stores light in an environmentally friendly and non-hazardous way staying bright and naturally illuminated all night long. Light is released over a period of hours with a brightness, duration, and color that has apparently not been achieved until now. 

  • Lancaster Italy

    When looking for a watch it's important to consider the finer details - something Lancaster Italy are world-famous for. Our edit features some of the brand's most prestigious and top selling editions, detailed with high-quality finishes such as luxe stingray leather, diamond embellishment and lustrous gold plating.

  • Meccaniche Veneziane

    We are an OFFICIAL AUTHORISED RETAILER for MECCANICHE VENEZIANE and all our watches are sold with the correct retail packaging, stamped Warranty papers and 2 years manufacturer Warranty

  • MomoDesign

    Momodesign is a successful brand that, over the years, has been able to amaze and fascinate everyone thanks to the care taken in the innovation, in the creativity and in the research clearly perceptible in its design, materials and technologies, always in step with the times, being those the foundations of the company's philosophy. The eclectic Momodesign team, made up of designers, stylists and architects, always pay much attention to the external incitements.


    In the Mondaine collections the two Swiss emblems, watches and trains, blend into perfection creating specials and unique accessories. The Swiss brand, today widely known among wrist watch lovers, was born in 1944 by the intelligence of designer Hans Hilfiker, an employee of Swiss Federal Railways, who, drawing inspiration from the watches used at the Swiss railway stations, created an accessory that then became the official Swiss railway watch. 

  • Nautica

    Buy wholesale Nautica watches to join a successful brand among the most beloved. The US manufacturer has conquered the world in the 80's with its style inspired by the sea and the nautical world, becoming soon a new leader among wrist watch makers worldwide. Nautica watches are high quality watches with affordable price and they are loved by those who travel, play sports and certainly has passion for the sea! They are waterproof, shock-proof and scratch resistant and are tested for weather resistance. 

  • Obaku

    Obaku is a Danish watch brand dedicated to creating beautiful watch designs withLuxury details at affordable prices.

  • Ralf Tech

    We are an OFFICIAL AUTHORISED RETAILER for RALF TECH and all the watches are sold with the correct retail packaging, Stamped papers and 2 Years Official Manufacturer Warranty

    A fiercely independent Franco-Swiss brand created in 1998 by its current President, Frank HUYGHE, based in Paris and in Lajoux, in the Jura region in Switzerland, RALF TECH is an exclusive brand proposing a collection of great quality, sporting a powerful design, with innovative movements recognised for their intrinsic quality, exceptional durability and reliability.
    ​Irreverent and bold, RALF TECH is the manufacturer of choice of countless military elite forces in the world, not to mention professional divers and international athletes. RALF TECH timepieces are renowned the world over for their legendary reliability, exceptional robustness and proven resistance to the most extreme conditions

  • Savoy

    Savoy is now part of an important and large watch group in the industry – with offices in Switzerland, Dubai, Hong Kong and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It fully designs and makes its watches in Switzerland and prides itself on its lifestyle brand, and on producing watches with a distinct and recognizable look. It is a high-end company, competing with some of the most well-known luxury watch brands worldwide, but is likewise known for watches of style and quality with the appropriate pricing Synonymous with confidence, character and class, SAVOY is the new accessory brand with modern history!

Showing 1 - 24 of 36 items