Swarovski Slake Bracelet Activity Crystal Carrier Set Black and +

Swarovski Slake Bracelet Activity Crystal Carrier Set Black and Silver

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Featuring some of the greatest technology in advanced sorts, this Swarovski Activity Crystal is able to keep track of your daily activities and sleeping patterns in order to improve your overall quality of life. 

iOS, Android and Window phone compatible

You can wear it with the Deluxe Slake double wrap bracelet. 

The Activity crystals is fully faceted Swarovski crystal in a Swarovski-exclusive cut. 

More information about the activity tracker, please read below. 

The sparkling crystal of Swarovski combines smart technology with glittery jewellery.

Fitness expert MisFit has developed a device together with crystal giant Swarovski, which combines the functions of a fitness tracker with the glittering design of Swarovski.

Unpacking the tracker is like Christmas. One holds a sparkling piece of jewellery in his hand, and wants to wear it with his Slake bracelet.

Inside the crystal is the circular Shine tracking chip by fitness expert Misfit. In addition to the number of steps, the distance taken and the amount of calorie consumption, the crystal can also monitor sleep behaviour.

With its holder, the crystal can be attached to the supplied Slake bracelet (available in different colours).

The Swarovski Activity Tracker is connected via Bluetooth 4.0 LE to the smartphone app (Android, iOS and Windows Phone). Here you define which goals are to be achieved. From easy activity to really ambitious sports exercises everything is possible. In addition to these projects, which are displayed in points, the number of steps, the calorie consumption and also the distance are displayed.

If you have a goal set and want to see its progress, you do not need to open the app. By tapping the crystal twice, the respective training progress is displayed.

On top of everything, The Swarovski Activity Tracker has got a watch function.


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